Job Description
Deep understanding of web service technologies (HTTP, REST, JSON) and design principles.

Knowledge in JavaScript Design & Architectural Patterns.

Knowledge about basic design principles

Familiarity with consuming service-oriented architecture layers and APIs.

Experience with highly scalable applications.

Ability to research and adopt new technologies quickly in a very dynamic working environment.

Up-to-date with latest news and technologies about Frontend and Backend

Familiarity with OWASP security

Experience of headless commerce implementation


Experience on the following core languages: JavaScript, HTML 5 & CSS.
Strong skills in programming structures, algorithms, design patterns, standard (W3C) Web UI APIs.
Oriented to details and software best practices & patterns.
Experience with RESTful backend applications (like NodeJS/Express)

Experience with GraphQL tools (like Apollo)

Knowledge in the following types of frameworks/libraries/languages:
Web Application Platforms
Experience with React or other Single Page Application libraries;
Dependency Injection patterns.
Async Module Definition (like AMD, requireJS, commonJS).
CSS Pre-Processors (like SASS, LESS).
Application state management (like Redux).
Reactive Programming (like RxJS)
Build tools like Webpack, Gulp, Grunt
Minification, Aggregation, and Fingerprinting (Gulp/Grunt)
Node (NPM)
Experience with frameworks for Server Side Rendering (_NextJS, Express)
Server-Side Rendering (like Express)
API documentation using Swagger
NoSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis).
Testing frameworks (Jasmine, Karma, Protractor).
Docker & Kubernetes, CircleCI, AWS, Heroku

Cross-browser techniques.
Experience with different databases (SQL/NoSQL)
Experience with PWA (Progressive Web Apps)
Mobile first implementation
Debugging with tools like (Chrome Dev Tools, Web Inspector).
Responsive design implementation across devices, platforms, screens, etc.
Browser performance auditing and tuning.
Demonstrated skills using distributed code repositories (Git, Perforce, BitBucket) with code reviews.
Experience with UNIX systems and terminal
Experience working within Scrum / Kanban.
Web Accessibility

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